The Shadowhoof
                                                                              The Tribe

You laughed at us, when we refused to join your family. You said we were paranoid and that we would perish if not for the Horde. You threatened us for believing in peace and called us traitors because we would not kill YOUR enemies mindlessly. You questioned our intentions, when all we wanted was to be left alone. You brought war to our doorsteps and were insulted that we did not thank you afterwards.

I watched as the world burned around me, and I sent my people to join in the effort to save our precious Earthmother. We gladly gave our lives to save this world, as did many of the Shu'halo. Lines were never drawn, and we saved both Horde and Alliance. For these acts we were branded traitors and enemies. So we vanished and melted back into the shadows after the battle was won. We remained content with watching the world change around us as the Earthmother healed her wounds.

Now, we have returned as the talk of war hangs in the air once again. Another land, another conquest for the Horde. What purpose does this all serve? Why should we leave our homes, our families, and our peace to fight for land that does not belong to us? You wish to force another people to bow down to the pact of the Horde, or eventually perish under it's gunfire? Brothers and sisters... It is time you walked away from the Horde. Let them die in droves for conquest... Let them destory themselves... We will no longer be their tools.


Everything about the Shadowhoof is centered around creating and expanding on the lore already provided by Blizzard. We want to reach outside the small niche that typical tauren roleplay has fallen into and expand it by crafting dynamic rituals and tribal rites that are visually stunning to the public eye. We want the tribes to come alive and to feel more like part of a living, breathing culture that is dynamic within the world. Be it simply utilizing Taur-ahe words during every day orcish conversations, or crafting elaborate rites for the recently departed, the Shadowhoof strive to create an authenticity of culture and nationality.

If you would like to join us on our quest to expand the tauren profile and give more depth to their mythology with crafted stories and songs, give us a try. We are looking for members who want to expand the lexicon of tauren rites and ceremonies, giving them new, interesting twists on what was once seen as only a placid race of cowmen. If you have a tribe in your head who had a culture off their own based on their location, this is the guild for you! We welcome any character who wants to keep the "traditions" alive and share their tribes culture with the general public.

By Shu'halo, for Shu'halo - This is an all tauren tribe. While members are encouraged to roleplay with whomever they want, we will have many tribal storylines and plots running in the background that feature tauren. This is a project dedicated to giving the tauren a rich and dynamic story in the fallout of sparse lore and plot holes.

Before you apply:

  • Make sure you are familiar with our site and our lore
  • Be aware of the tribe goals and be sure they align with yours
  • Want to contribute to our lore and help shape the future of the tribe
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